Wanted: Family Fun Furniture

We have a room upstairs that used to be the kids' playroom. Since their "toys" have evolved, the room is now used as storage area for almost anything under the sun - old shoes, broken things that we promise to have repaired but have remained untouched for years, and probably more junk than we thought.


I am thinking of converting it into a family room where we can enjoy some quality time together. The boys can also invite their friends and cousins on weekends and school breaks. That way, I am assured that they are safe and having nothing but clean fun. Okay, I know that they will still prefer to party outside the house. Fact accepted.


Anyway, I am thinking of surprising them with a foosball table. I checked out some of them and I'm happy to know that they are not that expensive. These tables vary in materials and construction, so I am still researching what is best for my boys.


I hope I make the right choice!