Parenting Tip

Parents of teens, listen up! I found this video and I consider it very eye-opening.

Because we believe we are right, we usually want to make decisions for them. It comes in the disguise of "I only want what's best for you, and this is it." But we should be giving our children more freedom to choose, and more trust that they will choose correctly.

It's going to be a struggle, but at least I am aware of this common parenting mistake.

Good luck to us!

Wanted: Family Fun Furniture

We have a room upstairs that used to be the kids' playroom. Since their "toys" have evolved, the room is now used as storage area for almost anything under the sun - old shoes, broken things that we promise to have repaired but have remained untouched for years, and probably more junk than we thought.


I am thinking of converting it into a family room where we can enjoy some quality time together. The boys can also invite their friends and cousins on weekends and school breaks. That way, I am assured that they are safe and having nothing but clean fun. Okay, I know that they will still prefer to party outside the house. Fact accepted.


Anyway, I am thinking of surprising them with a foosball table. I checked out some of them and I'm happy to know that they are not that expensive. These tables vary in materials and construction, so I am still researching what is best for my boys.


I hope I make the right choice!




They Think They Do!


... at least they think they do!


Most of the time, it's really draining and frustrating. No matter how much I explain, they just believe that they are right. ALL. THE. TIME.


And then on some occasions, I just laugh it off. Thanks to my husband, whose sense of humor is superb, I find it fun to just hear them out.


Oh well... Teenagers!


This is Me. And This is My Life.

Welcome, everyone!

My name is Aubrey. I am a grade school teacher. I have been teaching in the same school for more almost 20 years.

These days, I see myself not as Mrs. Hill, the Math teacher, but a mom who raises her 13 and 15 year old sons. This stage is driving me nuts!

I'm starting this blog to tell my story, and hopefully exchange notes with those who are in the same shoes.

I'm excited!